Frequently Asked Questions

We will schedule that when you set up an account and schedule your first pickup. Our pickup/delivery dates are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can have us pick up or drop off any one of those days. Pickups and deliveries occur between 7am – 5pm of scheduled day.
All orders with general laundry; including any wash and fold items, will be delivered within 48-hours. If you order for pickup Monday, your items will be delivered on Wednesday. Friday pickups will be delivered Monday.

Special conditions may apply in certain situations that would extend laundering and delivery time.

No. When we pick up your laundry, our team will sort and weigh your items. At that point, we charge the credit card on file based on the weight of your laundry and any specialty items you may have.

Wash & fold laundry is charged by the pound. Certain clothes are heavier and lighter, it depends on size and material.

If you prefer certain items (ie. light/ dark, delicates ex.) washed separately we ask that you bag separately and simply write us a note specifying what you’d like to happen

If items need to be dried in specific manners we ask that this is included in your note.

If you do not have laundry bags for your first order, or your items can’t fit in your laundry bags, use garbage bags. The bags must be tied, we cannot take open bags. We do not take hampers. If we arrive for pick up, and you leave hampers outside for us to pick up, we will have to remove your items from the hampers and put them in laundry bags on-site. If our driver has to do that, we charge a $9.95 fee. Please, do not leave hampers out for us. We do not want to charge the fee.

After first pickup please utilize the provided BS Laundry Club laundry bags. Additional charges may apply if multiple laundry bags are requested.

We will pickup and deliver from private residences, college dorms, businesses, hotels, motels, and more!

We have a minimum pick-up of 15 lbs. If pick-up is lighter then 15 lbs, the pick-up cost will be rounded up to the 15 pound minimum.
We require payment to be made before or at the time of delivery. We do not accept cash or check, just credit cards.
We can pickup or deliver from you, your doorman or provide completely contactless pickup/ delivery, but arrangements must be made in advance.

7am to 5pm Pickup/ Delivery Times

Special circumstances must be discussed before pickup/ deliveries are made.

Absolutely, 100%. We do not have the ability to view your credit card information as it is passed along from our credit card processing company by way of ‘Tokens,’ which prevents us from storing credit card numbers on our servers. We do not share, sell or rent your personal information to any third-parties or anyone else; under any circumstances.